For this book I have selected some of my favorite barn and covered bridge photos and put them into a 122 page book that is 8X8 inches and has a soft cover.
My new book is now available. Click on the image to learn more.

Fine art photography means different things to many people. For me, my fine art photos are a way to share the beauty I see near my home and the many places I travel.

Being a photographer has allowed me to see things and has taken me to places that I couldn't imagine as a child growing up in an Indiana corn field. Witnessing and documenting history, having a reason to be in places most people can't go and taking the time to absorb my surroundings fulfill my life. I love being able to celebrate what is good around me and express it through my pictures and words.

I have photographed major events like the Olympics, presidential inaugurations, national political conventions and hung out with celebrities, but it is the little moments that mean the most to me. Two inquisitive Korean school children who ran home and brought me an ice cream cone because a tall, blonde guy had never walked through their neighborhood is forever etched in my memory. Sitting along an Alaskan river waiting for a bald eagle to fly to the perfect photographic spot excites and invigorates me. Watching the rising sun break through a thick Maine fog or seeing the glisten of morning dew on a leaf in my back yard keep me appreciative of how lucky I am.

Getting out and meeting people who enjoy fine photography at my gallery in Woodstock, VT, is a constant source of feedback and inspiration. I'm honored to meet people and be able to talk with them about the beauty that surrounds us.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned with other photographers, seeing them get excited when a photography technique sinks in or I show them a place for the first time. Maybe I'm just a photo nerd, but I like hanging out with anyone with a camera, no matter their skill level, seeing what I can learn from them and what photo knowledge I can share with them. That is why I am leading so many photography workshops and tours.

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