Doing the "Big D" - Downtown Dallas

May 17, 2023  |  Dallas, TX
Thanksgiving Chapel

Today Brian Horton and I spent the day finding some great locations for my workshop to photograph the total solar eclipse next April. Downtown Dallas is interesting, there are more tall buildings than people on the street. This is our third day in the city and I swear there are more people walking around Woodstock, VT, than Dallas. And parking isn't a problem. There are parking lots everywhere. It appears that when a building gets old they tear it down and leave a parking lot. I didn't see anything that looked at all old and it was a rare block that didn't have a parking lot. I don't remember seeing any taxis either, but there may have been some. This definitely isn't Manhattan.

But there are many beautiful buildings and art installations. Many of the skyscrapers are glass and not just tall rectangles. They look like somebody actually thought about how the building would look with the others around it. One of my favorite art installations is a huge eyeball sitting in a little private park. You can't go right up to it, which is probably good, but it makes for some fun photos. There's also a herd of life-size cattle along with two cowboys immortalized in bronze. They are even crossing a creek.

We found some interesting locations that will make for some great photos of the eclipse.