Scouting Dallas and Dealey Plaza

May 15, 2023  |  Dallas, TX
Dealy Plaza

I came to Dallas to scout locations for next year's total solar eclipse workshop. Even though the eclipse will be within 40 miles of my Vermont home, I'm coming to Dallas where there is a much more likely chance of having a clear sky.

I hadn't been to Dallas for many years so I did a ton of research on where to make some good photos. It can be hard to differentiate between what the Instagram crowd thinks is a good spot and what I think is good. I am joined on the trip by friend and wonderful photographer Brian Horton who will be helping me with the workshop next year.

One of the first places I wanted to come is Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was shot. I must have been here before but I didn't remember it at all. Brian and I were hit immediately with a couple of things. There isn't much of a memorial to Kennedy in the plaza, but there is a ton of things honoring George Dealey, a big-time Dallas newspaper publisher. Sure, there's a museum to the shooting in the old school book depository building nearby and Kennedy monument a couple of blocks away but on Dealey's Plaza it is pretty much a small plaque mentioning a president was shot there.

The other thing that struck was the two Xs painted on the street where Kennedy was hit. It was good to know where it happened but it seemed a bit strange to see an X on the street and cars whizzing past. Many things changed in the history of our country at this location and the biggest thing you see are a couple of Xs in the street.

We stuck around until after sunset and made some nice images of cars streaking past the spot.