A different kind of Icelandic adventure

Aug. 19, 2023  |  Reykjavik, Iceland

Every trip to Iceland has special adventures and my August workshop was no exception. I was hobbling around on crutches after breaking my ankle in June when I crashed my bicycle in Vermont. Fortunately I had previously arranged to have friend and great photographer Brian Horton join me on the trip as my side kick. I could drive us to all the fun locations I’ve found in Iceland and since Brian had been to Iceland with me twice before he could walk people the final steps when I couldn’t get there. He was great helping people find the right shots and any technical help they needed. I tried to get around the best I could but spent a lot of time in parking lots making pictures from there or flying my drone.

One of my favorite places is Diamond Beach where chunks of glacial ice wash up on a black sand beach. The light coming through the ice is stunning, thus the diamond reference, and it is fun to see the waves bounce the ice around on the beach. Every time there is different, sometimes the ice chunks are small and other times they are big. From the parking lot this time it looked like there weren’t going to many but I knew when we got to the water’s edge there could be diamonds floating around.

I had pretty much worn out the rubber tips on my crutches walking on sand and stones before we got to Diamond Beach. So I cut up a couple of small water bottles and gaffer taped them the end of my crutches. It provided a larger surface to be able to walk on the sand. It worked pretty good, I made my way across the beach and was able to help people make some fun photos. The trick is to get down low with a wide angle lens as the water rushes around the ice chunks. I wasn’t stable enough to make any photos, which was fine, I’ve done it many times before.

Once we got back to Reykjavik to end the trip I was able to find a store that had new tips for my crutches. The water bottles were great on sand but rather slick on a regular floor.

All in all I'm just happy to be able to shoot photos from parking lots.