Video: How to photograph a total solar eclipse

This video is from my seminar on how to photograph a total solar eclipse. I talk about where to see the 2024 total solar eclipse, equipment you need to make great pictures of a total solar eclipse, solar filters for your camera and eyes, what to expect during the eclipse, exposure, lenses and much more...

Video: Using Lightroom's Lens Blur

The Lens Blur feature in Lightroom gives photographers more creative control in isolating objects by selectively determining what is in focus. I explain how to work with Lens Blur works and some creative ways to use it on your photos...

Video: Photoshop AI beta introduction

If you haven't seen what Photoshop is doing with Generative Artificial Intelligence, you'll be shocked. I'm not easily impressed but this technology is a game changer. It could change the way I shoot pictures in the future and how I edit.

Video: Photoshop Cloning Using Content Aware Fill

Pro photographer Loren Fisher talks about using the Content Aware Fill tool to do cloning in Photoshop.

Video: Introduction to Lightroom

This is an introductory overview of Lightroom, one of the best photo filing and editing programs.

Video: Using Photoshop to eliminate unwanted objects

Professional photographer Loren Fisher show some simple ways to use Photoshop to eliminate unwanted objects from photos.

Video: Image resolution, pixel count and how it affect digital photographs

Professional photographer Loren Fisher explains how knowing pixel dimensions is more important than file size and resolution when it comes to displaying your photos online or as a print.

Video: What Lens Should I Use

This video is a recording of a live seminar by professional photographer Loren Fisher discussing the creative use of lenses and how a picture is changed depending on whether you use a telephoto or wide angle lens...

Video: Why I Always Use a Tripod

Professional photographer Loren Fisher's monthly online seminar talks about why he always uses a tripod. Loren goes into the different types of tripods, heads and monopods.

Video: Understanding Your Camera

Professional photographer Loren Fisher helps you understand your camera in this two hour seminar.

Video: Where to Focus Your Camera Video

Knowing where to focus your camera in a scene can make a world of difference in the look of your image. Where you want everything in focus or selectively focused, controlling where you focus is critical...

Video: Chimping, Blinkies and Histograms

This video is about understanding some features on your camera to help you get more consistent exposures. You'll learn when the camera is fooling you and how to get the most out of the confusing histogram...

Video: Let's Talk Filters - Loren Fisher talks about filters for your camera

Professional photographer Loren Fisher talks about photography filters for your camera. We talk about polarizers, UV/Haze, Neutral Density and more.

Video: Digital Work Flow and Image Storage

In this free one-hour seminar, professional photographer talks about his computer work flow so he can quickly find images and the storage and backup he uses.

Video: Light Painting Objects Small and Large

Pro photographer Loren Fisher shows how to use flashlights to create creative light on objects small and large using a light painting technique.

Video: Converting photo to B&W

See how professional photographer Loren Fisher uses Lightroom to make dramatic Black & White photo conversions.

Video: Exposure modes

Professional photographer Loren Fisher talks about exposure modes and getting consistently proper exposures with your camera.

Video: Printing your photos

I believe in the old saying that it isn't photo until it is printed. Getting the best prints possible can be a challenge but I give you some tips to making your prints pop.

Video: The creative use of a wide angle lens

Professional photographer Loren Fisher talks about the creative use of a wide angle lens.

Video: Getting the most out of auto focusing your camera

In photography auto focus is one of the great advances in cameras but many photographers don't take full advantage of it. Professional photographer Loren Fisher goes over some of the fine points of focusing your camera...