Welcome to my new website


Photo © copyright by Loren Fisher.

I'm excited to finally launch a new website! It runs much faster than the old one and makes finding, selecting and purchasing photos and workshops much easier.I've eliminated much of the clicking you had to do before to find photos. Photos are categorized into logical collections, so if you are interested in photos from Vermont, you simply click on Loren's Photos in the menu and then Vermont. The same if you are looking for photos from Around the World or animals.In some Galleries there are multiple pages of photos. If you want to see all that gallery's photos on one page, click on View All at the top of the gallery. Or you can click View Slideshow and sit back and watch the photos scroll past.Blogging is always a challenge, there never seems to be enough time. So I've decided to call my blog a Journal and hopefully I'll not wait so long for bigger items and use it more as a journal of things I photograph each week as well as my larger trips or workshops. Unfortunately many of my old blog posts aren't getting moved over to the new website. Keep checking back to see the new Journal entries.

One of the things photographers ask me about the most is what tripod to get. So I am dealer for SIRUI tripods (pronounced SUE-ray). A few years ago I sold their tripods and I've been using them for years. They are affordable and durable, which is a great combination. While I can get any product they make, I'm only stocking a selection of tripods and heads that I would recommend to photographers. Since I'm doing this mainly as a service to photographers, I'm selling everything at the lowest allowed advertised price. So even B&H can't beat my price, check out the selection on my Gear Store page. If you know you need a new tripod but don't know which one, let me know and I'll help make sure you get what you need. When in Vermont, you can see a nice selection at my gallery Focus - A Vermont Gallery.