Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is highly recommended any time you travel, especially for international trips. While we can't force you to have travel insurance, it is a cheap way to protect yourself, especially if you become sick or injured. There are many options for insurance, from getting money back for a cancelled trip to evacuation from a foreign country. Just imagine what it would cost if something happened while in a distant land and you needed a medical flight back home.

You generally need to purchase travel insurance right after booking your trip, don't wait too long. LorenPhotos LLC is an affiliate of Allianz Travel, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. They offer many options and at the best rates around. If you click on this link you'll get the best rate they offer and I get a little fee for sending you over.

Some considerations when selecting your insurance. You want to be sure to have trip cancellation and trip interruption covered for the full amount of your trip. Lost baggage and delayed baggage coverage is important. The reimbursement rates vary by package but I want to have at least $200 coverage to buy more underwear, pants and socks while waiting for my luggage to arrive.

Medical coverage is very important. Most U.S. health plans don't cover much if anything while you are overseas. I want at least $10,000 medical and dental coverage, maybe more and at least $50,000 emergency transportation coverage. Hopefully it is never needed and I'm sure there are many situations where more is needed. Since I travel frequently, the package I use has $50,000 medical and dental and $250,000 coverage. What ever company you use, make sure they have 24 hour phone assistance, they can help you with a lot of potential trouble.

Of course you don't need to go through me, but it is wise to have travel insurance for any trip.