Acadia National Park Photography Workshop

The perfect location for a photography workshop is Acadia National Park in Maine. Acadia is a special place, the unique rocky shore, Cadillac Mountain, pristine ponds, old buggy trails and beauty everywhere you look. It is a favorite place for photographers and tourists, so we’ll go before the summer crowds arrive.

Join professional photographer Loren Fisher and explore the rocky coastlines, marsh grasses, harbors and the incredible town of Bar Harbor. You'll be transported during the workshop in Loren's 12-passenger Sprinter van or you can drive yourself.

We’ll start the photography workshop at 3 p.m. on Monday, June 3, and and finish after a morning shoot on Friday, June 7. The beauty of Acadia is sunrise (the top of Cadillac Mountain is the first place in the U.S. you can see the sunrise) so we will be getting out early to catch the best light of the day. The sun will rise around 6:19 a.m., so the days will be starting early. And since we also want to catch the beautiful light at the end of day (sunset is about 8:30 p.m.), we’ll take a long break around noon each day to catch our breath. I planned the workshop so it will be during the new moon, so it will be a great time to photograph the Milky Way on a rocky beach. We’ll be exhausted but exhilarated by the end of the week!

During the photo workshop, I’m putting a special focus on making sure you get the most out of your wide-angle lens. Most people don’t use their wide lens to get the most creative shots they can, the real purpose of a wide-angle is for much more than just getting more area into the shot. You’ll learn how it can add depth and emphasis to your photos that will make your images pop and you’ll get more “wow” from your viewers.

I’ll also be helping you determine what is the best angle for your shots, how some simple but seldom considered composition techniques will enhance your photos and how to get the most from each of the gorgeous scenes we will be visiting. I keep the group small, so we can work other areas where you think your photography needs improving. We’ll spend some time in the “classroom” but I’m a believer in learning by doing, so we’ll be out in the field as I work with you as you’re making pictures. As a follow-up to the workshop, you’ll be able to submit photos to me and I’ll give you tips to help with your future shooting.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is geared for all photographers. Most of our shooting locations will be just beyond the parking lot but several will involve some rock scrambling. Hiking boots are recommended as the terrain is rocky and uneven.

Regular registration $1700. Early registration by Feb. 1 is $1500. Former participants in one of Loren’s workshops: $1400. Registration fee does not include food or lodging.

Maximum group size: 11


Mother Nature can throw a lot into the mix in northern coastal Maine. Of course, I can’t guarantee sunny weather, but great pictures can be made no matter the weather. We will be out in the dark before sunrise (think headlamps) and after sunset. Early in the morning you will need layers and a windbreaker, fleece or wool hat and light weight gloves. The temps will feel cooler and damper since we are right on the ocean. Wear plenty of synthetic layers and wool socks. Rain gear (for yourself and your camera) is highly suggested - light drizzle and mist may be encountered at some point during the workshop. Once you register I will send you a detailed list of what to bring.


Depending on the light, we will shoot at a couple of locations before a late breakfast. Plan on bringing some snacks for the early morning and a water bottle. We will take some time off in the middle of the day for a shower, nap, downloading images or to work on your images. Mid afternoon we will grab something to eat and then head out again to catch the evening light and sunset.


The hotel room is not included in the price, but I have blocked a group of rooms at a group discount getting us a great deal for a hotel of this quality. Once I receive your deposit you will receive the name of the hotel and how to reserve your room. If you decide to arrive early or stay longer the discounted price will be available to you. Of course you can stay anywhere, but we'll meet at the hotel each day and have our classroom sessions there.


When it comes to camera gear, if you have it, bring it: Camera body, all your lenses, polarizers, ND filters, camera manual, extra battery and charger, tripod, wired cable release, flashlight or head lamp, lots of memory cards, rain jacket and pants, rain coat for your camera, boots, extra pair of shoes, wool socks, lots of synthetic layers, umbrella. A more detailed list will be sent before the workshop.

We will shooting lots of water scenes and I recommend using a polarizer filter for these. Also bring some liquid lens cleaner and plenty of lens clothes. The ocean spray will coat your lens even if you are not right next to it. It's important to get that salty spray off your lens. We will be shooting waves crashing on the coast so a six-stop or higher neutral density filter will be helpful in blurring the action and giving you a nice, soft cottony look to the water.

Bass Harbor


The full fee is required 90 days prior to the workshop.

Deposits and Cancellations:

A $500 deposit must be paid in order to secure your space in our workshop. Full payment must be received 90 days prior to the workshop.

No partial refunds are made for unused portions or services of a workshop. Workshops are sold as a package only.

If a workshop is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of any money paid. If the workshop is cancelled, I will not be held responsible for your other expenses, such as airline ticket, hotel deposit or rental car, that may be associated with the canceled workshop. I suggest you purchase trip insurance to be safe.

Questions? Email Loren at [email protected] or call 802-332-6611.