Gear Store

One of the most frequent gear questions I get is about tripods. I hate seeing photographers at workshops using a cheap, flimsy tripod because I know when they get home they are going to be disappointed because the tripod didn't keep their camera steady and they'll have blurry photos.

I'm selling only gear that I use or highly recommend. Being a SIRUI dealer, (pronounced SUE-ray) I can get any product they make, I'm only stocking the items that I suggest for most people. Since I'm selling gear mainly as a service to photographers, I'm selling everything at the lowest allowed advertised price, so even B&H can't beat my price.

If you know you need a new tripod but don't know which one, check out my Tripod Buying Guide or contact me and I'll help make sure you get what you need. When in Vermont, you can see a nice selection at my gallery Focus - A Vermont Gallery. If you'd like to see what other gear I use, check out my Gear I Use page.