Lightroom Masking Online Workshop

Online workshop, July 20, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Notice the difference in the sky color and the brightness of the barn in the top photo.

Until the latest versions of Lightroom, the best way to make adjustments to local areas of your photos was by using Photoshop. Now you can do many of the same things in Lightroom and not struggle through the complexity of Photoshop.

In this two hour online workshop I’ll show you how to bring out the best in your photos by making changes to a portion of your photo rather than the whole image. Whether it is accentuating the color in a sky or making the whites of eyes brighter, most photos can be improved with tweaks here and there. And you do that by creating masks, which can be tricky. But by masking off areas of your photos you can bring out details or diminish things you don’t want to highlight. The power of toning photos is the creative use of masks.

You’ll not only learn how to use the masking features, we’ll discuss when and which tools are best to use in different situations. You’ll learn how to select subjects or backgrounds, people, parts of people, objects, the sky and much more. We’ll also work with the linear gradient, radial gradient and the brush tools. You’ll also learn how to select specific colors with the Color Range tool and how to use the Luminance Range tool.

Using multiple masks, I can control the color and brightness of the sky and chunk of ice.

I’ll be demonstrating in the latest version of Lightroom Classic and you’ll be able to ask questions during the seminar. A Zoom link will be sent after you register for the workshop.

Thursday, July 20 - 7:00-9:00 p.m. EDT.

No partial refunds are made for unused portions or services of a workshop. Workshops are sold as a package only. If the workshop is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of any money paid.

The session will be recorded and you'll have unlimited access to it after the workshop.

Questions? Contact Loren

By selecting only the background, I can make it darker without making the woman darker also.